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Hiking through Istria

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Hiking through Istria

We are organizing individual and group hikes to introduce you to Istrian natural beauty. With the guidance of an experienced Istrian mountaineer, you have the chance to admire the beauty of the Istrian mountainside only an hour away from our location. Climb to the peaks of Ćićarija and Učka where you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. For a more relaxing excursion, spend time exploring nearby waterfalls, discovering hidden old towns, and enjoying the natural beauty of inner Istria by strolling through the viaducts and tunnels of Parenzana as you savor the local gastronomy.

Destinations, trails, and level of difficulty are determined by the ability of the group.

  1. Istrian hiking trails in Ćićarija and Učka (Rabac-Labin, Skitača-Labin-Crna Putena, Zagrad-Sisol-Plomin...)
    Mount tops: Žbvenica, Gomila, Korita (water springs), Orljak, Vojak.
  2. 17 Waterfalls in Istria: Buzet Road "7 waterfalls", Kotli-Hum, Sopot-road St. Simon, Zelengrad-Grdoselo...
  3. Natural beauty of Istria.
  4. Parenzana Road with Gastronomy Specials.