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Art Therapy Workshop and Retreat in Istria

Rejuvenation and Inspiration for Body, Mind and Soul


Nature, art, and guided meditation - relaxation and inspiration for body, mind and soul.

The art therapy workshop provides a unique opportunity to relax, express yourself freely, and develop your creative potential.

Revitalize your inner strength and reconnect with nature amidst the inspiring Istrian landscapes.

This art therapy workshop provides a unique opportunity express your  creativity and connect with nature amidst Istria's inspiring landscapes. Join us for four days of creative activity to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and rejuvenate the mind and body through dance, movement, drawing, clay work, and vocal expression.

Free yourself from stress and negative energy and devote yourself to freedom of expression through dancing, drawing, clay modelling, and singing. Let the beautiful Istrian landscape inspire you to discover your creative passions. Find balance among body, mind, and soul as you develop your creative potential. Surround yourself with the sounds and scents of the Mediterranean while experiencing Istrian culture and cuisine in a relaxing environment.


The program and accommodations are located 7 km south from Poreč in the small fishing town of Funtana, named after the natural water springs nearby.

Activities will be held at various locations in Funtana as well as other scenic sites within Istria such as Baredine Cave, Butori Waterfall, and the towns of Motovun, Grožnjan, and Završje.


We will work in small groups six to ten participants to maximize trainer and participant attention.No previous knowledge or experience in painting, dancing or art is necessary. All you need is the desire to explore and express yourself.

To attend the classes, no knowledge or experience in any of the fields of art is required. All you need is the desire to explore and express yourselves.



What to bring:

Comfortable layers that do not restrict movement

Sturdy shoes

Umbrellas and rain coats in case of inclement weather

Special food if needed

The price for a 1 day workshop is € 70,00 for 4 days € 280,00.

The price for 4 days is 280 Euros and includes:

- All the workshops and contents, the trainer
- Tools and materials
- Excursions and transportation within Istria

The price does not include:
Accommodations, food or beverages.

Participants are welcome to choose from a variety of accommodations in Funtana.  The 4-Star Villa Linet Apartments are recommended since many of the scheduled activities will take place within the grounds of the property. Apartments range from one or two double rooms, and each room has its own bathroom.  Each apartment also includes a living room, kitchen, and balcony. 

Prices range from 25€ to 45€ per night for each person depending on the apartment and whether rooms are private or shared.

Programme suggestions:


Thursday 5 pm – 8 pm: Contact with the self – who lives in my body?

Guided meditation, body, mind, and soul awakening, awareness of the inner and outer self in space, relaxing and exploring yourselves through awareness, dancing, motion and drawing.

Friday 10 am – 1pm: Intuitive painting: awaking creativity.

Meditation and painting by the sea to increase self-awareness.

Friday 4pm – 7 pm: Emotional mask

Guided meditation, relaxation, obtaining awareness of various parts and characters living inside of us and working them in clay, and finding our Core.

Saturday 9 am: All day excursion to walled towns, a cave, a waterfall, and lay lines.

An excursion as an analogy of earth and man involving listening to feelings and receptiveness to deeper wisdom and guidance to achieve rebirth.
- Locations: Baredine Cave, Grožnjan, Motovun.

Sunday 10am – 2pm: Creative writing or authentic movement: A view from a different perspective, conclusion.


*The program's schedule and timetable are approximate and subject to change depending on weather conditions and/or participants' needs.

About the trainer:

Trainer Ana Božac
Your trainer Ana Božac

The programme trainer Ana Božac is a psychology graduate of the University of Rijeka,an art therapy graduate from the University of Rome, and a Gestalt psychotherapist of the German IGW Institute of Würzburg.

She gained experience working in a psychiatric hospital Zagreb and on the island of Rab and is currently the manager of the Center for Personal Growth and Development of Creative Potential in Istria. She also cowrote a manual for teachers and social workers who work with children. 

She is currently working on individual and group psychotherapy, as well as on the implementation of various psychological and creative programmes for adults and children.

She focuses on a holistic approach through the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge.  She emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature, attuning to one’s internal processes, and expressing them through creative media for personal growth and enrichment.  

In addition to psychotherapy and art therapy she is also dedicated to artistic expression and creation. Engaged in the painting, making mirrors and furniture, painting windows and murals, creating outfits ... Her work has been repeatedly rewarded.





For any information or registration please contact: ana.bozacgmail com